In Flensa we have the most recent National and International certifications that allow us to offer to our customers monitoring and security of all of our procedures.


Security Policy

In FLENSA, we ensure the health and security of our personnel, the integrity of our resources and the merchandise of our customers, through the accomplishment of the legal, national and particular requirements, like the CTPAT-OEA to ensure the security throughout the supply chain. (January 2018)

Mission = Quality Policy

We are a solid, profitable and constantly evolving Company that offers the best and most reliable alternative in all services associated to specialized loading transportation in Mexico and to US, with great experience, showing respect for the human value and commitment with SGC, as well as continuous improvement. (January 2018)


In 5 years we will be recognized for our leadership in offering comprehensive and specialized solutions in loading transportation, logistics, in Mexico and North America, through our strength and value of our Human Capital. (January 2018)


Vehicle Inspection Unit Service performed with the highest quality and security committed to meet the criteria of impartiality and confidentiality of information, using the necessary safeguards and resources.

Accredited by the EMA and approved by the SCT.

Inspection under the Mexican Official Standards: